Cutting EDA funding is right thing

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 6, 2009

I know that Mr. Henry Watts, Mr. Spanky Felter and Mr. Mike Lazarus did the right thing by stopping support of the EDA for no more productivity than has occurred.

The prison was a Haley Barbour deal. I agree with all that I read in the paper, that Mr. Watts said, as well as others.

I remember in the 70s when all the millions of dollars were spent on Palestine Road for an industrial park that never happened then after some years it was sold off for nickels and dimes, and I have always wanted to know how much the county lost on that transaction.

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Mr. Watts and the other two mentioned are doing their jobs holding down taxpayers expenses, trying to reduce taxes and not making more taxes.

I personally want to thank them for their service to the county and tell them to keep up the good work.

I’ve read of others with the board of alderman who are costing the city high expenses.

From what I read on the trip to Jackson one of the functions did not have anything to do with the city, but expenses were still charged to the city.

This is why I back Mr. Watts, and others, in this day and time with high unemployment and the economy so low.

I feel the majority of Adams County supports these three supervisors, for everyone from the barber shop said the EDA is too expensive for us during these times of this depression.

I feel, as former Mayor Mr. Troy Watkins does, that our state senators, state representatives, mayor, board of alderman, board of supervisors and most important the citizens of Adams County are word of mouth for ambassadors of jobs and industry.

With the low grades of education in the public schools in Adams County, it places a hard sell to attract industry, for that is why Concordia Parish is flourishing with success.

Natchez used to have industry to pay taxes, but now we have tourism where Vidalia has industry with state leadership that made them bloom.

So, through all of this, Henry, you have all rights to fight it to the Mississippi State Supreme Court to stop funding the EDA for the people are behind you.

Don’t pay any mind to these people who pave the streets of Natchez and don’t check to see if they have the money to pay for it.

Gene Simonton

Natchez resident