Military appreciates your support

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 22, 2009

I would like you to post a thank you on my behalf. I was given a going away party on March 12 for my upcoming deployment to Iraq with the Mississippi Army National Guard.

My wife, family, friends and I were enjoying a last meal and drink at Pearl Street Pasta.

As we were leaving and settling our bill, we were informed that an anonymous couple had made a significant contribution to our bill. I could not thank the couple in person as they had already left.

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I do not know if the couple was from out of town or from the local area, but I would like to thank them for their kind contribution.

I am very glad to know there is still a strong support for the U.S. military. The war in Iraq has not been reported on as much as it was in the past — many people are surprised when I tell them I am going there, as many are under the impression that the war has ended.

Please remember that there is still a large contingent in Iraq, and we are always glad to hear that people support the military.

First Lt. Michael V. Brown

A Troop 1-230th Armored Cavalry Squadron