Taking a walk may be all we need

Published 11:41 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2009

State Street isn’t the area’s widest street.

It is in reasonably good walking condition, compared to some other pothole-filled roads.

And the curbs aren’t too high from which to step down.

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For the average Natchezian it only takes a few seconds to dart from one side of the street to another.

But for some of our local leaders the walk must seem like miles.

When it comes to the Economic Development Authority, a recreation plan and now a donated trailer, State Street is impassable.

The city has expressed repeated interest in meeting with county leaders to talk about the troubled EDA. But no meeting has been arranged.

Ironing out the details of one, unified recreation plan hasn’t happened.

And simply following city code when it comes to placing a trailer within the city limits seems to be something county officials care not to do.

All three of these issues could be resolved if city and county leaders viewed State Street like the rest of us do — a road that’s easy to cross.

The county’s offices sit on one side of the street. City Hall sits on the other.

Walking from one building to the next shouldn’t be difficult

Let’s eliminate the mental Great Wall of China that separates city and county government, walk across the street and start making a difference in our community.

Let’s go walking, Adams County.