County talks dogs; no vote on ordinance

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NATCHEZ — Monday’s public hearing to discuss the adoption of an ordinance meant to control vicious and nuisance animals in Adams County ended without the adoption of an ordinance.

While more than a dozen Natchez and Adams County residents turned out to voice support for the ordinance, the meeting ended with the board passing a motion to take comments from the audience under advisement

The motion also directed Adams County Attorney Bobby Cox to work with representatives from the Natchez-Adams Humane Society and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to refine the ordinance.

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Natchez-Adams Humane Society Vice President Nan Garrison suggested the power of the pen be used to control the owners of nuisance animals.

Garrison said while Adams County has no leash law, that does not mean animals have the right to go on property other than that of their owner.

“They can’t just do whatever they want,” Garrison said.

Garrison suggested that a letter-writing program be used to bring irresponsible pet owners into compliance.

In Garrison’s plan, complaints would be filed with the supervisors, who would then write a letter to the pet owner letting them know what complaint had been filed against their animals.

If the problem goes uncorrected, in Garrison’s plan, the supervisors would then issue a civil citation against the owner.

Each offense would result in a higher fine.

“This is not something the humane society can do anything about,” she said.

Adams County Supervisors President Henry Watts said while he supports an ordinance, it’s important to adopt an one that does the most good for the greatest number of county residents.

“How do we benefit the whole county?” Watts asked those attending the hearing.

The supervisors set no deadline in having a draft for the new ordinance.