Vidalia plan for growth is proven one

Published 12:12 am Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For years, Natchez residents have been able to sit high on the hill and watch our neighbors down below grow and prosper.

Vidalia is still a small town, but the last decade has brought great developments to the riverfront town.

Solid leadership and great planning have led to every structure you now see on the Riverfront. Most of the Riverfront was part of a city master plan developed years ago.

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Drive down Carter Street and the development is all around you.

And now, the city is going further west.

Plans are being drawn for a $5.5 million city complex that will house City Hall, the fire department and the police station.

All three buildings are needed — one due to mold and the others due to space.

The development on U.S. 84 will also allow for a children’s playground, something else the city needs.

City leaders have already laid out a clear plan for immediate funding needs. They’ll seek USDA loans and grants. And, hopefully, 25 percent of the costs will be covered through grants.

If the money doesn’t come, the project will be scaled back.

The plan and the leadership behind it deserve praise. Growth for Vidalia is growth for the Miss-Lou, and we are happy to look across the river and see great things happening.