Kennedy was caring senator for all

Published 12:04 am Sunday, August 30, 2009

This was written on the day that Sen. Edward Kennedy died.

Today is a sad day. Sen. Kennedy is dead. Our country has lost a concerned citizen, a strong leader, an icon of the Senate and a champion of the underdog and working class America.

His family has lost a devoted father/step-father, a supportive uncle, a loving grandfather and a caring husband.

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Ted Kennedy served 48 years in the Senate. In fact, there has been a Kennedy serving in Washington since 1946. He cared about the people of this country — all people. He cared and fought for civil rights and wanted a better health care system for all Americans.

Ted could find common ground with the Republicans on the hill; they respected him even if they didn’t often agree with him. Yes, Ted was a liberal with strong views. He co-authored some 2500 bills — 500 becoming law during his public service.

Ted never worried about his popularity; he never cared what people said; and he fought hard for what he believed in.

Once a lady came to him and revealed that her insurance company would not pay for her mastectomy. He personally took on the insurance company to make sure that this procedure would be covered.

Ted cared about his church. As a Catholic he served in his youth  as an altar boy and continued to support his church until his death.

Many have asked “Who now will continue the work he has done?” Will it be a son, a nephew or even his wife?  My choice would be Vicky, Ted’s wife of 18 years.

She is a gifted attorney with a brilliant education. She is my choice. This would be interesting.

By the way, she has strong Democratic roots in New Orleans.

Ted’s death leaves many of us with sadness in our hearts.

It is the end of Camelot. Now the lion sleeps.

Suzi Russ

Natchez resident