Love is most important thing for all

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 21, 2009

I was watching television the other day, when one of the familiar commercial ads came up concerning match making.

What struck me to pay attention to this commercial was their punch line or attention-getter line. It was “what’s more important than love.”

From that instance I pondered on what was said and searched my mind and finally, it dawned on me that there wasn’t anything on this green earth that was more important than love.

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Right now, I guess you are disagreeing with me, and really, that’s OK. First and far most on the top of the list, I believe that the majority of you would say that money is the most important thing.

Then there are some of you who would probably say that family is the most important. And among a lot more responses, we probably could add peace of mind, having good health or just being alive.

Well, all that’s important and I agree with you, but more importantly, it’s love. I’m not just referring to the love you might have with your significant other, or the love you have for your family, or even the love you have for that brand new car you just bought. All those are familiar loves or just loves that pertain to self and require a normal reaction of selfishness or belonging to, or just loving what is yours; or the normalness of our bloodline’s love for one another. I’m referring to the kind of love that you have, for those other than family members, who could be the average person whom you come in contact with on a day-to-day basis. I’m talking about the kind of love that you have for a person that has evil words to say about you, but doesn’t know you personally. I’m talking about that person who might accuse, abuse or spitefully misuse you.

I’m talking about that kind of love you have for a person that might mentally humiliate you or physically slap you in the face. I’m talking about that kind of love that is shown when you see a person in need, and you develop a caring spirit and soft heart and offer a helping hand, whether it be kind words or something that is monetary or of a monetary value.

I’m talking about that kind of love that you receive from someone that touches your heart and gives you a sense of it’s going to be OK, even when your life is in shambles.

I’m talking about that kind of love that you experience from a stranger or friend who comes into your life and makes you smile just when you feel that the whole world was against you.

I’m talking about that kind of love that reaches out to you from someone right at the moment when you were thinking of or about to end your life, being at your wits end and hearing a voice saying it’s going be OK. I’m talking about the kind of love that is not only said, but shown in our actions and deeds.

I’m talking about a God kind of love that is only experienced from having a relationship with God through Jesus.

As I look at the source of love, I must say that from a Christian standpoint, I know that there is nothing more important than love because God gave us love when he introduced himself in the Garden of Eden, saying I will take care of you.

He gave us love when he introduced us to his only begotten son (Jesus), saying your sins are forgiven and have been paid with a price. In this world today, there are all sorts of trouble, confusion, back stabbing, hating, misunderstanding, jealousy, envy, strife and a just plain lack of knowledge, and it is all because love has left the building.

Where is the love? Why can’t we just go back to God’s original plan and that is love God with all your heart and liken unto your fellow men/women, love them too. Why can’t we just take something as simple as love and use it in our everyday life. Why can’t we love despite of and not just because of? Really, a lot of today’s problems come about because of our lack of love for one another. Why can’t we start a love epidemic instead of a bad-attitude-toward-one-another epidemic?

Why can’t we return our evil hearts to our first love (God) and humble ourselves and let God heal our land. Whatever you think may be important in this world, I can assure you, there’s nothing more important than love. Think about it.

Beverly Gibson is a Ferriday resident.