Attend sheriff candidates forum

Published 12:33 am Monday, September 28, 2009

There are eight candidates running for the position of sheriff.

The election will be Nov. 3. How much do you, the citizens of Adams County, know about these candidates? Do you know who you will cast your vote for? If you, the voters, have asked yourself those two questions, then you are invited.

You are invited to attend the forum for the sheriff candidates at 6 p.m. Wednesday evening, at the Natchez Convention Center. You as voters of Adams County will have the opportunity to meet each candidate along with his family.

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These candidates will have the opportunity to give their platforms, and tell a little about himself. You as voters will have the opportunity to submit your questions for each candidate as you come in. The next sheriff should be your choice; it should be the best qualified candidate.

This will be a non-partisan meeting that is sponsored by the Adams County Democratic Committee. There will be newspaper coverage as well as radio coverage. This could be the night for the candidates to shine and also persuade the voters of Adams County his way.

So voters, please come out and meet these candidates. Show your support for your favorite candidate. They are ready to meet you. Remember Nov. 3, voting day, is just around the corner.

Frances Bailey is a member of the Adams County Democratic Committee.