Why won’t city, county leaders respond?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The U.S. Senate accused Republicans of delay tactics when they proposed posting health care bill and its cost on the Web for three days before their final vote. Then Friday, they adjourned at noon for a long weekend. If there was reason to avoid delays, they should have worked through the weekend.

Meanwhile, back to our local problems.

How about we combine the city inspection department and the planning department? Call it plans and inspection. Make Paul Dawes the department head, since he has already gotten his raise in pay. Paul can be assisted by a secretary/phone answerer, and an assistant planner, and the inspector completes the staff.

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It seems silly for our public servants to be so proud of not laying people off, then raising our taxes.

Meanwhile, local businesses are cutting to the bone. Notice the cable company, power company and ATand;T and most service companies no longer have helpers on their trucks, some think to raises in the minimum wage.

I’m pleased to see in recent news that the city is considering layoffs. What about the county?

I see many Natchez Transit Authority vehicles parked in the Visitor Reception Center parking lot. Will someone please explain the cost versus benefit of the sue of the vehicles?

As for Mr. Gene Simonton, who wrote a response to my recent letter, he misses my point. Consolidation of law enforcement, fire protection or other services are not any guarantee of any better service. With our present crew who can’t think straight, the best hope is at least the same services at less cost — translate to taxes.

As for a new recreation complex, what would your expect from our current recreation department? Maintenance and bookkeeping both seem out of control. Why do I pay taxes twice — city and county — for the same recreation? Turn all of it over to the county and hold them accountable.

My last question — Why won’t any of our elected public servants respond in writing to The Democrat to my suggestions?

As a voter, I’m asking for an answer.

Sen. Wicker and Sen. Dearing send their views to The Democrat, how about our locals?

Henry R. Gaude

Natchez resident