Recreation complex is for everyone

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 23, 2009

Recreation complex — something we have needed in Natchez and Adams County for many, many years.

A recreation complex will be beneficial for all residents of Natchez and Adams County — the youth, the teenagers, the young adults and the elderly.

All will benefit with a recreation complex.

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The proposed recreation complex will have soccer fields, baseball fields for the Natchez Dixie Youth and T.M. Jennings leagues, adult softball fields, youth girls softball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, golf, walking trails and a swimming pool. Everyone can and will enjoy what the complex has to offer.

In addition to being here for local residents, the recreation complex will become a destination for tournament teams. Large tournaments can be held and bring in thousands of people here to stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and shop in our stores.

The tournaments will help pay for the complex over time.

We need this recreation complex!

City and county officials are asking you to vote yes on Nov. 3.

If you played baseball in the Natchez Dixie Youth or T.M. Jennings leagues, if you played in the soccer program, if you played in the girls’ softball program, if you played for a tennis program, if you would like to have and adult softball program, if you feel the need for recreational swimming or youth/adult swim teams, vote “yes” on Nov. 3.

To all residents, including coaches and parents, vote “yes” on Nov. 3.

Clarence A. Bowlin Jr. is a Natchez resident and a former Dixie Youth coach and president.