Local reader shares original poems

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wishing Daydream

Autumn turns many leaves bright, alone I enjoy this colorful sight

I can imagine myself walking near a sun kissed tree swinging the hand of a daughter adjacent to me

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She asks me why the trees give up green and branches look so bear; it’s a small part of this world I would like to share

She asks me why birds sing louder on sunny days and sleep late in the fall; I want to give the best answers, even if they’re small

She asks me why I hug her so tightly before bed waking from this daydream is the only part I dread!


Words unspoken, letters not yet addressed timid trail through a forgotten quest

A shy girl is longing to please a gift she gives with loving ease

Her past is an assortment of emotion a toxic, vile, putrid potion

Perhaps the future is far from bleak and strength precedes what last was weak

Victory is near enough to taste time now too precious to waste

Andrea Thompson

Natchez resident