Cans only part of week’s good news

Published 12:08 am Monday, February 1, 2010

As our newspaper staff sits in awe of the wonderful community participation in the We CAN do it! food drive, we can’t help but realize more happened last week than can stacking, packing and hauling.

Good news was everywhere, and it’s time to sit back and review a few great things that happened last week.

The Miss-Lou Relay for Life received national attention again when it was named the No. 2 best performing Relay per capita. Dozens of great volunteers make this event happen each year, and there aren’t enough awards in the world to thank them enough.

Vidalia Junior High School students raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The group was nearing $1,000 Thursday, and since every penny counts, we know these students have made a difference.

Cathedral School celebrated Catholic Schools Week with fun, games and learning. The annual event is a time the school showcases itself to the community.

Kevin Smith, 10, Terry Brown, 10, Destiny Banks, 11, and Jalyn Smith, 10, sped past classmates at Vidalia Upper on their math work. The students are participating in a Fast Math program aimed at improving math performance.

Storytellers from the community led another successful storytelling event at Grand Village Saturday, delighting young children with tales and keeping history alive.

As the new week begins, we know our community will make more great news.