Spay, neuter clinic is here to help

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As the director of Veterinary Services for the Mississippi Spay and Neuter’s Big Fix Clinic and on behalf of such, I would like to address concerns surrounding having your pet spayed or neutered at our mobile spay/neuter clinic, Little Fix Clinic.

The Little Fix Clinic is currently utilized on a once-a-month basis in areas where there is a great need for high volume, low cost spay and neuter. There is usually an overpopulation of stray pets in the area, and/or pet owners may not be able to afford or may not have access to veterinary care.

Our veterinarians and staff are highly trained in the daily workings of a high volume spay and neuter clinic and take great pride in it. We have a very low rate of major post-surgical complications and always want to hear from clients and veterinarians alike when such issues arise.

Our team is constantly looking to improve and we value the opinions, constructive criticisms and concerns of others as well as being told that we’ve done a job well job.

We too, believe that other entities need to step up and take ownership and responsibility for this problem of pet overpopulation. But until they do, we are doing our part to reduce the number of pets being admitted into animal shelters (where more than 73,000 animals are euthanized each year in Mississippi), as well as the number of unwanted litters, and even reducing accounts of some reproductive and mammary tumors.

Quite often, we find that the majority of our clients are having their first encounter with any type of veterinary services when they have their pet spayed or neutered with us. We do our best to provide a warm and caring experience for the client and their pet, and we encourage the client to obtain advice from their local veterinarian for any of their other pet issues.

With that said, the clients are more likely to seek out a local veterinarian for future pet wellness concerns.

Again, we value any comments and/or concerns and ask that you forward them to MS SPAN.

Dr. Kia McCrary

director of Veterinary Services for MS SPAN’s Big Fix Clinic