NRMC employees care about you

Published 12:18 am Sunday, February 21, 2010

I will start this by trying to describe something I witnessed Wednesday of last week. As you all know, the county entered into a letter of discussion to sell Natchez Regional that prompted an invitation from the hospital’s employees to hear their side of the story.

Well much to my surprise I was greeted warmly and am thankful for that. The conversation soon turned to all the positive things that are taking place at Natchez Regional of which I was unaware. I sat quietly and listened to employee after employee sing the praises of this institution.

Then the doctors began to tell how business is increasing and what a great hospital we have, saying we should take a second look.

Well after meeting with an independent CPA we discovered the true story. In fact the hospital is financially sound and with prudent management it will only grow stronger.

I, and the other supervisors, based our decision on facts not emotions as we should as caretakers of taxpayer dollars.

Natchez Regional will survive, as she has for 50 years, to provide health care for those who can pay and those who cannot. To this day it should be remembered Adams County has not put one taxpayer dime in this hospital.

The majority of uncompensated care is supplied to surrounding counties and parishes; this is a issue the Board of Supervisors should address.

By and far the main thing I learned from all of this is the passion these employees have for this hospital and the pride they take in doing their job every day. When I was in the room with them it was easy to tell this was about more than just a paycheck, I was witnessing the kind of commitment that can make any company successful.

I realize every medical need can’t be taken care of locally at this time but when you can, I urge you go see what I’m talking about.

These people truly care. These people are your neighbors and friends.

Who will take better care of you, someone out of town?

I want to let the employees know that they have my support, and, yes, I will be your cheerleader.

Mike Lazarus

District 1 Supervisor