Sheriff’s office has certainly been busy

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 4, 2010

In this day and time when law enforcement is so important I would like to congratulate our recently-elected sheriff and staff.

Sheriff Chuck Mayfield hit the ground running. He has been in law enforcement more than 20 years, which makes him well qualified and experienced.

Since his election in December 2009 Sheriff Mayfield and his officers have handled the following:

4The largest drug bust and arrest in Adams County history

4Investigation of a home-invasion case where two elderly citizens were attacked, pistol-whipped and robbed in their home

4A double homicide and a third party seriously injured in the Fenwick area

I am sure there will be arrests and convictions in the above cases in the near future.

4Narcotic arrests of two suspects and closing of a lounge in the northeast part of Adams County

4The re-instating of the Junior Deputy Sheriff’s Program

It is a very good program for the youth of our city and county.

4Organizing inmates to pick up trash and clean our highways and streets entering our city and county

4Structuring a budget, personnel duties, equipment and records while maintaining a jail full of convicted criminals

4Maintaining the safety of and daily duties in juvenile, chancery, justice, county and circuit courts

4Answering calls and complaints from citizens of our county

Only an experienced lawman could walk into this important office and efficiently handle the above situations and more — and in the first 60 days of his election!

To Sheriff Mayfield and his staff, I, and hopefully all of our citizens say thank you.

Jerry McDaniel

Natchez resident