Viking victory is Miss-Lou win

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Looking back on Friday night’s state championship win by the Vidalia Vikings basketball team, it’s easy, even cliché, to say the win was destiny.

Indeed, after last year’s team was just one win short of the state title, Vidalia was favored to win this year.

But this year’s title was a long time coming.

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It was more than 30 years since Vidalia last claimed a state basketball title.

Perhaps that’s why this championship was so special for the players, coaches, parents and fans of Vidalia.

A huge congratulation is in order to each member of the Vidalia team and fan base.

Watching Friday night’s 82-59 crushing of opponent Carroll, it was difficult to believe Vidalia wasn’t a regular at tournament time.

The state title is a wonderful thing for the community and the City of Vidalia.

Plus the title is a testament to the benefits of recreation — both formal efforts and informal efforts.

Several members of the Vikings team have been friends and basketball playing partners for years and years, first starting in the Vidalia Youth Basketball Association.

It was in the YBA that several of the players picked up their first title — fourth-grade champions.

From there, perhaps, the rest was just destiny. Imagine how much more successful our community could be if we invested more time and involvement into youth sports and more young men bonded on the court — or on the field — and set their eyes on the state prize.

We’re thrilled for the Vikings and their fans. Congratulations, guys.