Board appointees must care

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nothing has been easy for Natchez Regional Medical Center lately.

Whether its troubles are true or perceived, it has been a tough two years to work for or support the county-owned hospital.

Now, the board that governs the hospital is poised for significant change.

Two hospital board of trustees members have resigned in two months. Another member’s term has expired.

In the coming months, the seven-member board will likely see three new faces.

Adams County Supervisors will make nominations to the board, conduct interviews and select their new appointees.

The supervisors must realize that the hospital board needs members that will first be cheerleaders for NRMC.

The new members must respect the hospital for what it is now and care about the well being of Adams County residents.

If the new board members carry those two traits, and good common sense and an open mind, our county will benefit.

A new hospital board member shouldn’t be someone already determined to sell NRMC. Nor should he be dead set on continued county-ownership.

The new appointees are crucial to our community, and we hope the supervisors will think long and hard before making their final decision.