Families carry on tradition of Easter clothes shopping

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 4, 2010

NATCHEZ — A long-standing Easter tradition is good for local businesses.

Just as the Easter bunny is stocking up on chocolate candy bunnies, shoppers are looking for the perfect outfit to welcome in spring.

Torri Webber, owner of The Picket Fence, a children’s clothing store in Vidalia, said parents are carrying on the tradition started by their parents when outfitting their children in new clothes for Easter Sunday.

“It is definitely still a popular trend,” Webber said. “I think it is done now mainly because that is what their mothers did, and they like to continue the tradition.”

But it isn’t just children that will be showcasing new outfits during Easter worship services. Angela Gibson, a sales associate at Katie’s Ladies in Natchez, said her store has been busy for several weeks with women looking for bright-colored spring ensembles.

“Our ladies are tired of winter and ready to get into some bright spring colors,” Gibson said. “Easter is one of the first times they can do that so they are excited about the opportunity.”

But while they may be waiting until Easter to wear some of their new clothes, Gibson said shoppers don’t wait until Easter approaches to start purchasing the new clothes.

“We probably started seeing people about a month ago, as soon as the first warm day or even a half warm day,” she said. “People shop early for the best selection.”

Webber said she has seen an uptick in shoppers the last few weeks, most of which are looking for the perfect Easter outfit.

“People start asking in February when our spring clothes are going to start coming in,” she said. “But I just sold three Easter dresses to a woman on Good Friday so it depends on the person as to when they shop, but they are are shopping.”

Webber said even in 2009 Easter, in the middle of the economic recession, was a busy time period. She said her shoppers might not be spending as much money shopping for clothes, but they do shop at Easter.

“For parents Easter is a time when they splurge a little and spend a little more on a cute outfit,” she said. “It is also the first outfit in the lighter fabrics and bright colors.”

Gibson said it is the colors that drive women to spring clothes.

“After a cold winter and drab colors, ladies are ready by Easter to get into new clothes,” she said.