Goal was simply to raise awareness

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pertaining to Mr. Jim Wiggins response to a Top of the Morning written by me and published on April 8, I would like to say that his response is typical of the progressives who are now in power in Washington.

Mr. Wiggins has shown how the left responds to any truth brought to light by worried and troubled citizens.

They respond by ridicule and by saying there is no truth to what was said, that the citizen is illiterate on the subject at hand, even unpatriotic of all things, and that no one should seriously be concerned over what the Obama administration is doing.

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In Mr. Wiggins article, he calls for verifiable evidence which is readily obtained through the Internet. If he has a problem finding it, there are video presentations on FOX News regularly, such as Obama’s declaration that he will provide a civil army to control any disorders, but then, liberals have boycotted the only real fair and balanced news on TV, so there is no way they can understand what is really going on.

There are also the History Channel, History International Channel and the Military Channel should they care to brush up on their history.

Mr. Wiggins states that I wouldn’t know what Marxism is, nor National Socialsim (Nazi-ism), whereas I discern that he is very young and the product of schools that have not taught the true facts concerning these regimes.

I lived through the Great Depression, was in the USSR in 1937 during the murder of 20,000,000 people in the Ukraine, saw what happened to the Jews in Hitler’s Germany and the Poles and Russians slaughtered as well. I studied Marxism as part of an economics degree and fought against the Communists in Korea.

Yes, I know what communism is, and I doubt very seriously if Mr. Wiggins does.

If he did, he would realize that the facts I brought up should be seriously considered by every individual in this country if they value their future and that of their children and grandchildren. Even those that would appear to be the direct beneficiaries of the “social justice” such as labor unions, should realize that their future is just as much at stake as the rest of our citizens.

Remember that in Hitler’s socialist state, he abolished trade unions in 1933. In the USSR, no trade unions were allowed, nor in Communist China, nor in Cuba nor in Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

There will be no citizens immune in a socialist state to the government’s commands.

Mr. Wiggins should be worried along with the rest of us. I did not write the column to scare people, but rather to make people of all walks of life be aware of what has happened and is continuing to happen.

If you like it, fine, but beware of the consequences. If not, it’s not too late to vote them all out.

There is no endorsement here or in my article for any revolt or uprising or riot, only a peaceful change by voting the progressives out of office.

I read the online comments on my column, and to the person who wrote that I would be the first to be executed, I agree. That is why I wrote the article, to keep freedom alive and well in this country.

I do not want to be executed! How about you?

I know that in the past both political parties have been at fault for increasing deficits, for bringing on entitlements that will never be paid for, and for voting in only those bills that may get them elected again.

I agree with the T.E.A. party movement that our Constitution should prevail, that the government should operate on a strict budget just like you and I, that anyone willing to work in this country can make it on their own, and that the best government is the least government.

I believe also that God will bless those who try.

To those who see me as a Republican, they are wrong. I am a registered Democrat and vote as an Independent for the best man running.

Andrew Peabody is a Natchez resident.