‘Slave’ does not apply to our ancestors

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is for all folk who play that historically correct game by still calling our enslaved foreparents and ancestors “slaves.”

I have noticed how easy the word “slave” rolls out of the mouths of people who ought to know better, especially those in charge of promoting history!

The same goes for those who put history in written form.

I maintain that there is no social redeeming need for folks to call enslaved African descendants “slaves,” especially persons of African descent. Just as many do not use the oppressive and dehumanizing term n-word. How does it feel to call your great grandparents n-word?

These terms are creation of the “white supremacy domination system’s operatives” language and meanings.

I maintain that referring to enslaved ancestors and foreparents as “slaves” continued to deny them their humanity, because the institution of chattel slavery conditioning was intended upon reducing them to less than humans. Calling them “slaves” is like treating them as some form of aliens!

Ser Seshs Ab Heter-CM Boxley

Natchez resident