No ‘fair’ weather fans at Trinity

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 2, 2010

NATCHEZ — It is likely Terrye Roy didn’t even notice the rain Saturday.

Roy was already soaked from head to toe from being on the wrong end of the dunking booth at Trinity Episcopal School Mayfair.

Zach Pintard, 13, is one of Roy’s seventh-grade physical education students and said he had been anxiously waiting for Roy to take her turn in the booth.

“I’ve been waiting for probably two weeks for Mayfair to get here so I could dunk her,” he said.

Pintard was just one of many students standing in line for the chance to throw balls at the dunking booth button that would send Roy into the cold water.

“This is the longest line anyone has had yet,” Pintard said.

Kayla McCready, 13, said she didn’t mind waiting in line because the chance to give her teacher a little pay back was too much to resist.

“She is evil,” McCready said laughing.

“She got dunked by the first person who tried. I guess we don’t like her,” McCready joked.

The dunking booth was just one of the fun games children and adults were enjoying during the annual fundraiser for the school.

Because of wet weather, many of the activities were moved inside, but organizer Ellyn Hairston said the crowd was steady and everyone seemed to have fun.

“We were going to have this rain or shine,” she said. “We had two game plans — one for inside and one for outside — and last night we decided to move as much as we could inside.”

That meant classroom areas became face-painting, art and game booths and the inflatable jumpers were moved into the gym. A few games did have to stay outdoors, but not many people were deterred by the weather, Hairston said.

“We have an old car the students can beat up, and they really love that,” she said. “They’ve been at it all day.”

The money raised is used to supplement the school’s general fund, Hairston said.

“This is the biggest fundraiser we have,” she said. “It is a fun time for the kids and the adults.”