Be a part of something big — Relay

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 7, 2010

Not many Miss-Lou events rival the one that will occur tonight, all night.

Only the Great Mississippi River Balloon Race and a good Natchez High football game are likely to draw crowds like Relay for Life does in our community.

But Relay surpasses balloons and football when it comes to heart.

Cancer has been unfair to Adams County and Concordia Parish. Doctors will tell you that the disease seems more prevalent here than in many places.

But so are the survivors.

More than 300 cancer survivors are expected to grace the Vidalia Riverfront track tonight. Many will wear purple and white sashes; others will blend in with regular clothes.

Cancer blends into every grain of our society.

It cares not about color, gender or personality.

But tonight our community will call attention to cancer in a way that everyone will see.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars are being raised here to fight the horrible disease and help those coping with it have better lives.

But perhaps even more important than the money in the Miss-Lou is the support with which tonight’s event will surround our survivors.

This community cares. From money to meals, Miss-Lou residents reach out to those in need.

That caring spirit will never be more prevalent than tonight.

If you aren’t planning to attend at least a portion of Relay for Life, think again.

None of us know if or when cancer might control our lives. Why not get involved when you are strong and let the community lift you up if you are weak?