Lie catches up with man who claimed to be victim

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NATCHEZ — Mama was right when she said telling a lie would get you in trouble.

Trinity Shane Scott, 29, 26 Quitman Road, was arrested Friday on charges of filing a false police report that led to the arrest and detention of Frederick Hauer on May 2.

Scott told Adams County Sheriff’s Office investigators that he was a victim of a Saturday, May 1 armed robbery

On that day, Scott reported he was washing his car at a car wash on U.S. 61 when he was approached by a male subject and asked for a cigarette. After giving the subject a cigarette, Scott told investigators, the subject asked him what else he had and showed a pistol.

Based on Scott’s story and witness statements, an arrest warrant was issued for Frederick Hauer, 21 of 15 Brentwood Lane.

“Our investigators were skeptical of Scott’s story at the time because he alleged he was robbed in the middle of the day with no mask and people all around,” Mayfield said. “But (Scott) wanted to file the charges.”

Mayfield said witnesses put Hauer at the scene and witnesses said they saw an interaction between Hauer and Scott.

Hauer turned himself into to authorities on May 2.

“When we talked to him he told us Mr. Scott gave him some money and asked him to buy some Xanax pills,” Mayfield said. “He went to buy the pills and the woman there asked if the pills were for a white guy or black guy, and Hauer told her they were for a white man.

“Hauer said she told him they were probably being set up so instead of returning to the scene he fled.”

Investigators reviewed surveillance video from the car wash, which corroborated Hauer’s story, Mayfield said. After viewing the video, investigators re-interviewed Scott and showed him the surveillance footage.

“(Scott) then told us his first story wasn’t exactly the truth,” Mayfield said.

Hauer was released May 4, Adams County Justice Court Judge Charlie Vess said.

“I have no problem putting someone in jail for something they did,” Vess said. “But his freedom was taken away for something he did not do.”

Scott pleaded not guilty to filing a false report Monday and was released on $2,000 bond.

Vess said $2,000 was the maximum bond he felt appropriate since the charge against Scott was a misdemeanor.

“I think the legislature needs to look at the seriousness of filing a false report,” Vess said. “Because of (Scott’s) story, armed deputies went looking for what they believed to be an armed and dangerous suspect.”

Mayfield said both Hauer and Scott would be charged with acting in conspiracy to possess a schedule III narcotic.

Those charges have not been filed against either individual yet, Mayfield said.