Car windows smashed in Natchez neighborhood

Published 12:13 am Saturday, May 15, 2010

NATCHEZ — The $180 Joseph Richardson’s young stepdaughter had saved for a rainy day is gone — the handiwork of an unknown burglar.

Late Thursday night or early Friday morning, someone shattered the rear driver’s side window of his vehicle, which was parked in the carport of his Live Oak Drive house.

Cell phones, credit cards and checks were also in the vehicle, but none were stolen, Richardson said.

“I got up (Friday) morning, got out on the carport and there was a lot of glass on the driveway,” Richarson said. “It was just shocking.”

Richardson filed a report with the Natchez Police Department Friday morning. After giving his statement, Richardson learned two of his neighbors’ vehicles were also damaged and burglarized.

“Three car windows have been busted, and I estimate the total loss between $300 to $400 a piece,” Richardson said.

“Whoever is responsible, they’re relatively smart in that they did not take things that are very traceable. When you just take cash, there’s less chance for them to be tracked down.”

Police Chief Mike Mullins said four reports were filed Friday relating to car burglaries. Two burglaries occurred on Live Oak Drive, and one burglary each occurred on Pecanwood Drive and Ashwood Drive.

In the Ashwood Drive burglary, reported at 8:52 a.m. Friday, the victim reportedly witnessed a suspect standing in his carport holding a small pen flashlight.

Richardson said it is unsettling to know certain people have little respect for others’ property.

“This is a nice, quiet neighborhood, and you got a rash of burglaries in just one night,” Richardson said. It just worries you.”

Mullins said anyone with information is urged to call Miss-Lou Crime Stoppers at 601-442-5000. A cash reward is available.