Ferriday says pool repairs are cost prohibitive

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FERRIDAY — Ferriday Mayor Glen McGlothin said it would cost approximately $150,000 to revitalize the town swimming pool to meet regulations.

McGlothin said he would love to see the pool open, but that the town could not afford to revitalize the pool, and no insurance company would insure the pool in its current condition.

“The pool is a victim of age,” McGlothin said. “It is a victim of vandalism too. Every time we fix it, someone breaks the repairs.”

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The pool, which was built in the 1950s, is so old that it would cost more money to run it than a newer pool would, McGlothin said.

“We would have to charge so much to keep it running that people couldn’t afford it, which defeats the purpose,” McGlothin said.

A new Olympic-sized swimming pool would cost $500,000, he said.

“We have tried to find a grant, but we haven’t been successful,” McGlothin said.

McGlothin said he is working toward building a spray park, which shoots up streams of water and costs approximately $50,000 to construct.

“A spray park is not as big, but it is safer and cheaper to run,” McGlothin said. “It provides the same function, which is summer fun with water for children.”

In other news, the Town of Ferriday was taken off of a U.S. Department of Treasury list, which alleged the town owed the treasury $13,000.

McGlothin said the town had been on the list since 2007, and it has been difficult to get off it. Being on the list blocked grant money to the town.

4 The aldermen voted to renew the CodeRED Weather Warning system, which sends out automated weather alerts to those who sign up based on location, for approximately $2,500 a year.

4 The aldermen voted to allow International Consulting Group of Baton Rouge, to pursue a Louisiana Recover Authority grant for August and a housing rehabilitation program for 2011. ICG will only bill the town an administration fee for grants Ferriday is awarded.