Two Vidalia men arrested for burglary

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 17, 2010

VIDALIA — Two Vidalia men found themselves behind bars Wednesday after one of their creditors decided it wasn’t the best idea to accept payments in the form of stolen goods.

Randy Scott Hollins, 42, 202 S. Oak St., was arrested on charges of possession of stolen property and Jeremy D. Walsworth, 18, 304 N. Walnut St., was charged with three counts simple burglary following the incident.

Vidalia Police Chief Ronnie G. “Tapper” Hendricks said the police received reports last week of multiple burglaries out of the same residence on North Magnolia Street.

How the two suspects were fingered for the crime was based on a third party doing the right thing, telling the authorities, the police chief said.

“One of the subjects in possession of the stolen goods — Hollins — had a debt he had to pay and he couldn’t pay it,” Hendricks said.

“Speaking to the subject he had the debt with, he said, ‘I have some items that are stolen, but I know they will pay this debt off to you.’”

Rather than accepting the stolen goods, the person Hollins owed the debt towent to the police.

After making contact with Hollins, the police were able to connect Walsworth to the crimes as well, Hendricks said.

Both men were allegedly in possession of stolen items.

Hollins was detained on a $296 bond Wednesday.

No bond was set for Walsworth at the time of his arrest.