4-H Hunter Safety Camp takes place this week

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 27, 2010

NATCHEZ — The Adams County 4-H Hunter Safety Camp will take place a little earlier this year.

Instead of waiting until August like last year, the Adams County Extension Service’s three-day camp will take place Monday through Wednesday of this week.

“We had to get around (the scheduling) of other stuff, like the 4-H horse shows and other things,” said David Carter, county director for the Adams County Extension Service.

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“We’re also trying to get around the heat, although there’s not much difference in August and June as far as that goes.”

The camp, which takes place at the Adams County Sheriff Department’s shooting range, offers a wide variety of classroom and hands-on activities for children ages 10 to 18. All participants who don’t already have one will receive a Mississippi Hunter Safety Certification Card.

“Everyone’s welcome to come, from both Mississippi and Louisiana, but it is the Mississippi hunter safety card we’re doing it for. We did Louisiana’s for a few years, but now we do Mississippi’s,” Carter said.

“Kids that have done the camp before can do it again. They don’t have to get recertified, but they can get their shooting in.”

Children that are 9 years old may also participate in the camp, but are not eligible for certification, Carter said.

“They can’t get certified until they’re 10. The thing to realize is, we’re in a classroom for three hours a day, and a lot of those 9-year-old can’t sit in a classroom that long. It’s harder for those younger kids,” Carter said.

The camp offers safety training for archery, muzzleloader, air and .22 rifles, air and .22 pistols and shotguns. In addition to the nine hours of classroom time, Carter said participants also get several hours on the range each day.

“It’s hard to find somewhere that’s as thorough in all these disciplines as we are. This is a chance to get free certification, get free skill training and safety training and have a free meal provided,” Carter said.

Capt. Randy Freeman said the ASCO is happy to sponsor and host the camp, since it teaches them good skills and habits with firearms.

“We’re involved in a lot of organizations that benefit children, because they are our future,” Freeman said.

“If they didn’t have the range, they would have anywhere else to go. There will be an instructor out there at all times teaching them to shoot, so it’s a good, safe environment.”

For more information, Carter can be reached at 601-445-8201.