Young men can achieve their goals

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 9, 2010

Young men, never say what you can’t do. Just take one step and God will make the next one.

Look in the mirror and see what you see — a clear view that will help you in life.

Put God first, family second, work or school third. Always obey God and those in authority positions, and don’t follow the wrong crowd, unless it’s to speak about the word of God.

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Go to Sunday School, Bible school, prayer meeting, missions classes and church services, as long as its not something to get you away from trouble.

Young men, some of you have good fathers, so please take heed of what they are not doing and what they are telling you to keep you out of jail and trouble.

A criminal record will be with you for a lifetime, but you can be what you want to be — a man who can stand up to temptation is a tall man.

Don’t wish on a dream that will never fly. Man young men these days are speaking about getting rich, but nothing falls from the sky unless you work for it and put some effort in life.

Those who wanted a house worked on the farm. Those who wanted a car, picked peas.

Most of those who work and save in order to have what they aspire to have, do achieve their goals.

Instead of finding trouble, find a help mate who wants something out of life.

To the elders and leaders of young men in today’s life, we have been in this life longer than most of the young men and we should teach and preach the word of God to those who are unsaved.

Lula Warfield is a Natchez resident.