Make Martha proud at Cook Off

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 18, 2010

Natchez is the “Biscuit Capital of the World” so it only makes sense that the Martha White Biscuit Cook Off is here every year during the Natchez Food and Wine Festival which takes place July 30 and 31 this year.

I have made many a biscuit, and even created a Blues club in San Francisco with the name Biscuit in it, and now I am working on a new book “Biscuit Love,” but as one of the founders of the cook-off it is not appropriate for me to participate. However, I am here to encourage everyone else to get in his or her kitchen and get creative and come up with a flavored biscuit or a breakfast biscuit and get involved in this great event.

We need to continue to put Natchez on the map and we are making our mark in the world of baking. We have so much to be proud of in our wonderful town, this is just another feather in our culinary cap. This can be your time to get recognition for your baking skills.

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Natchez is special with so many one of a kind restaurants. I expect each of our local restaurants to come up with their own signature biscuit. I personally would like to see our international restaurants come up with their version using some of the flavorful ingredients they use in their cooking, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Greek — go crazy with all the possibilities.

When it comes to home cooks, we have more than our share of great cooks here and that includes our young cooks, all creative and inventive. This is our 10th anniversary, and I want to see a record turn out this year.

I am available to help anyone that needs help with ideas or testing of the recipe. If you need my help just call me at Twin Oaks 601-445-0338. I will be happy to help you perfect your ideas. I will not be a judge, so I can be here to help you. Lets all get together and keep our standing as “The Biscuit Capital of the World.”

Here is all you need to know to participate-

4Location — the Natchez Visitor Reception Center

4Date — Saturday July 31

4Time — 9 a.m.

4There are two categories for three groups

4 The two categories are: breakfast biscuit and most creative biscuit

4The three groups are: youth, home cook and restaurants.

4There is a $100 prize for first place in each category and a Martha White gift basket, second place gets a ribbon and a Martha White apron.

The rules are as follows:

4You must use at least one cup of Marta White flour

4Bring 12-18 biscuits, baked and ready for tasting

4A copy of your recipe for Martha White (if they choose to use it in a publication). If you do not want to share your recipe it will not cost you any points.

4Put your name, address, phone and e-mail at the top of the recipe or on a card with the name of your biscuits.

4Arrive by 8:50 a.m. to register.

I look forward to seeing you all there. I also hope to see you at all the other great events for our 10th annual Natchez Food & Wine Festival. For more information about the many events go to

Regina Charboneau is a chef and a local resident.