County addresses trees, hires administrator

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NATCHEZ — Three dead trees looming over J.C. Washington’s property on 2 Pine Hill Drive, threatening his neighbors, the road and passers-by will soon be cut down.

The Adams County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to take a bid not to exceed $1,100 to hire an insured and licensed tree removal company to cut down and haul away the trees.

Supervisor Henry Watts resolved to get rid of the trees and send a bill for the removal payment to Washington. If Washington fails to pay the bill in 30 days, the motion says the county will file a judgment against Washington and seize his property in the amount of the cost.

Washington’s blighted property has been discussed at the board of supervisors’ meetings on occasion since January.

In other business, Erle Drane made an appeal to the board to build a veterans’ home in Natchez.

“Something less than hospital, but more than a dormitory,” Drane said.

Drane said the aging and new veterans could benefit from a treatment home in the area.

Supervisor Henry Watts said the county has been interested in building a veterans home for more than three years.

Watts committed to doing a study about the cost of the project and mapping the need for the center in Natchez to present to the state legislature.

Supervisor Mike Lazarus said the more detailed information about the center the county has to present to the State Veterans Affairs Board and state legislature, the better the chances are to seeing a home being built.

Other items of business:

After the meeting, Grennell said the board voted during executive session to hire Joe Murray of Natchez as county administrator. Murray currently works for the Mississippi State Tax Commission, which is now known as the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

Watts proposed a resolution saying a purchasing order must accompany any expense less than $100 made in by any county department staff member. The motion passed unanimously. Purchasing orders for expenses more than $100 are already required.

Emergency funds of $281 were used to fix a leak in the Adams County Sheriff’s Office jail July 11. The leak was apparently caused by flushing several towels and a Bible down a toilet.

Airport Manager Clint Pomeroy said the airport’s short runway has been repainted and the long runway will soon be sealed with rejuvenator.