School board not concerned about savings

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 25, 2010

To my fellow city and county people, I and several concerned citizens have attended two school board meetings and plan to attend some more.

The school board is a rubber stamp for this administration and shows no concern for saving money in a trend of less students, low test scores and bloated administrative staff.

What can we do?

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Sen. Bob Dearing informs me that the Senate has passed a bill for us to have an elected school board in the past, but it has been stopped in the House. This has been the case for two years in a row.

Please contact Rep. Sam Mims at 601-684-0281 and Rep. Angela Cockerham at 601-783-4979 and have them help this get to the floor. This needs to be done now.

Help us stop this unfair tax on our community.

Jim Dent

Natchez resident