Is natural gas in our future?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just like a little boy digging to China in his backyard, the Miss-Lou couldn’t help but get a little excited this week at what may be at the other end of a giant hole.

It’s far too early to know for sure, but at least one oil and gas exploration company thinks there’s money in our backyard.

Mainland Resources of Texas is digging 22,000 feet below the surface in Jefferson County. They expect to find natural gas, and lots of it.

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And the trickle-down effect of such a find, had economic developers, oil and gas drillers and businessmen alike smiling Monday.

A possible find and a long-overdue change in national energy policies could mean big success for this well and our area.

We know natural gas is abundant in America. And it’s a resource that may be easier and safer to get than deepwater offshore oil.

Local legislators have long lobbied for more dependence on our natural gas resources. They must keep up the fight and be joined by others to see real change.

The BP oil spill is just another reason to push in this direction.

Decreasing our dependence on foreign oil should be a priority for the government, especially when other solutions may just be in the hole out back.