Class stirs things up at Food Fest

Published 12:04 am Sunday, August 1, 2010

NATCHEZ — A Gumby Slumber might be the perfect way to relax. It is, after all, known as a “massage in a glass.”

Ariel Gardner of Vidalia came to the seventh annual Mixology Class expecting to prefer the Pimms Cup, which she remembers fondly from London, but ended up taking to the Gumby Slumber.

“I liked it because it is making me want to go lay by the pool and relax with them,” Gardner said. “This is the perfect summer drink.”

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The majority at this Food and Wine Festival event agreed with Gardner, but the largest minority liked her first thought better.

“I like the Pimms,” Terry Trovato of Natchez said. “It is just the perfect drink for summer, as warm as it is because this is a really refreshing drink.”

Trovato came with his wife, Merideth, who preferred the Gumby Slumber.

“I liked the Gumby fall over in the hammock drink the best,” Merideth said. “It is not only fun to drink, I appreciated the trivia that the hostess added. The trivia was really interesting.”

Trovato thought the hostess and author, Denise Gee of Natchez, did a good job with the refresher course as well.

“I think it is great that she is from Natchez and became famous,” Tovato said. “And that she still comes back to help out.”

Of the Pimms Cup, which is a gin based liquour originating from England, Gee said it had a benefit drinkers might appreciate.

“It is a drink that is said to prevent hangovers,” she said.

Gee said in colonial times, some people viewed alcohol differently than they do now.

“People drank all day long in the colonies,” Gee said. “They thought that it was good for them.”

Kelvin and Barbara Alexander of Montgomery, Ala., were happy that the weekend they chose to come to Natchez was the same weekend as the Food and Wine Festival.

“We came down to visit family,” said Kelvin Alexander, who was born in Natchez. “I think the event was great, and we enjoyed it.”

Among the minority in the crowd, Barbara preferred the margarita.

“It was really smooth, and I’ll make it,” she said.