Vidalia church marches for Christ

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 9, 2010

VIDALIA — Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Vidalia marched across town Wednesday night to show the community they are not afraid to show their faith in Christ.

The march is in its ninth year, and a crowd of approximately 50 people participated to show their support for their church and their faith in the community.

The Rev. Raymond Riley of Greater Mount Carmel Baptist Church said the march was to let others be aware that their church is out there.

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“We as Christians need to be an example to those in the world,” he said. “We need to not be ashamed to compel men and women to come in and join us.”

Riley said the church was looking to make its presence known to the community.

“We have to take it to the streets and show them we are still serving the living savior,” Riley said.

The crowd, who walked from the church on Laurel Street to Vidalia Junior High School, was gathered to let the community know people can get together and have fun in a way most others don’t, Riley said.

“We are here to have a good time in the name of the Lord,” Riley said. “And we can do this without drugs or alcohol.”

Cathy Kelly, participant in the march, said it is a blessing every year to be a part of the walk.

“It is a joy in my heart to see this continuing dream,” Kelly said. “We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.”

Lakeisha Bell, another participant in the march, said the event is a great way to let others know there is a place they can go if they need help.

“It gets the community involved and informs others about God,” Bell said. “It lets people know there is a place they can go, no matter their race or their age, if they need help.”

Bell said the event’s refreshments were provided by the city, and that the importance of their help should not be overlooked.

“The leaders in office helped our small church in Vidalia,” she said. “There are a lot of churches in the area and it is good that they know we are here and that they help.”

March participant David Cosby said the event was a good way to show community support in Vidalia.

“As a church we need to go out and not be afraid,” he said. “We can show them there is a place people can go and come to if they need it.”

Riley said that while their group was large, they were definitely a reminder to area residents of the church community’s presence.

“It’s not how many people are in the party,” he said. “ It’s how much party is in the people.”