Public entities need to work together

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In November 2009, the voters of Adams County came together — perhaps like no other time in the past — to vote overwhelmingly in support of a combined city-county-school system operated recreation complex.

The details of the complex are still being worked out and, as that occurs, we hope the community leaders can remain focused on a key aspect of the idea the voters approved — working the project together.

That’s what the voters sought: a community effort on recreation.

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For years and years, the City of Natchez has spent considerable public funds to create and maintain numerous parks and other recreational options in the city.

By comparison, Adams County has provided only a small fraction of the city’s investment in recreation.

Yet recently, a frustrated Adams County supervisor whined about the county being the “kicking boy” as he complained that the city and school district wouldn’t fund things, leaving it up to the county.

The last time we checked, each city taxpayer was also a county taxpayer and the school district is countywide, meaning the school board technically represents all taxpayers, too.

So rather than whining about who is paying for what, each public entity would be wise to realize that although their political aspirations may be riding on who gets the credit for the project and the blame for taxes, ultimately the voters just want them all to work together on the project.

Please, let’s not allow the recreation issue to start dividing us again. City, county, school district, each and every one of them works for the people of this community — three groups with one common community boss.