Basic rules must be enforced

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maybe the City of Natchez needs a superhero-like TV nanny to swoop in and help us all enforce the rules.

At least half a dozen reality shows have hit the airwaves in recent years featuring a nanny who acts as a superhero to parents struggling to maintain order of their unruly children — or in a few cases, pets.

The great bulk of their help involves a couple of clear and firm parenting skills.

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First, most of the time, depending on the age of the little hellion involved, the superhero nanny outlines a concise set of rules and, more important, clear and consistent enforcement of those rules.

The TV nannies make it clear: Rules will be enforced and failure to follow rules will result in punishment.

The same needs to be as clear for city ordinances.

Natchez’s much ignored sign ordinance is a case in point. Driving around the city conjures up countless blatant violations of the sign ordinance that should be addressed.

From illegal lighted, blinking signs to plastic non-permanent ones that have been up for weeks and weeks, our business community is ignoring the law and misbehaving.

Worse, it’s a slap in the face to the dozens and dozens of law-abiding business owners who have gone through painstaking efforts to make sure they comply with the law.

The city’s leadership allows the insolent behavior to go unchecked.

The real problem is that the result will not be easy to “undo.” Once the child is an unruly devil, “fixing him” is difficult, if not impossible.

The same could be said for allowing signs to just keep popping up in the city that, by law, are illegal.

We either need a nanny soon or city leadership that isn’t afraid to enforce the rules like a parent would.