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Let’s get back to basics in schools

Could the next step in improving the public school system in Adams County be as simple as getting back to the basics?

That was the essential message we gleaned from the independent report on the Natchez-Adams School District delivered last week.

The report was created because three of the district’s schools were classified as “at risk of failing” after state evaluations.

Observers with great experience in education created the report and not surprisingly no magic bullet for fixing the district’s ailments were found.

Instead the fingers pointed squarely at teachers, principals and administrators for simply not working together and on the same page.

Among the most important, was the observation that at some schools the teachers did not seem to be in control of their classrooms, preferring to just send children to the office rather than deal with the disciplinary matters in the class. Controlling the classroom would seem to be a basic requirement of being a teacher.

The administration needs to quickly identify these folks and keep them away from our children.

Further, observers noticed what they described as “distrust” between teachers, principals and administrators.

That will rip apart any organization, particularly one as large and as important as the Natchez-Adams School District.

Residents, parents and taxpayers want the NASD to succeed. Our community needs a successful public school system. And the first step toward getting there is learning from the state report and make quick changes to improve the district