Let’s get moving on industrial sites

Published 12:02 am Sunday, February 6, 2011

The story last Sunday was “Natchez Inc. sees need for industrial sites?” It’s about time someone does.

Why has this not been the case all along? Now Natchez and Adams County see the need for industrial sites. Wow!

I can tell them what they need to do with the Tracetown strip behind Ruby Tuesday. They need to level it and the old movie house and put an arena.

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It is a perfect place. The Johns Manville site is also another good industrial site sitting empty. The Armstrong Tire plant has been vacant for decades now and is not in use. All these places need to be torn down and ready for industry to move into.

Instead of talking about this, there needs to be action taken soon. Talk is cheap but action requires doing and moving of feet.

This new Corrections Corporation of America prison has no economical benefit to anyone besides CCA themselves. This is a for-profit company that, I think, puts little back into the area they are in here in the United States.

Yes, they provide jobs, but on a limited basis. So, that puts CCA’s contribution at 1 percent of the total economy.

We need jobs badly here in Southwest Mississippi, but if those we elect and employ do not do their constituted duties and do not fulfill the oaths they swore upon taking office, they must be removed.

We do not need in any way more service-oriented jobs. We do not need anymore excuses why we cannot have industry in Southwest Mississippi. No more ifs, ands and buts about it. Excuses are worthless.

Heck, Natchez has not had even a major concert in more than five years.

There is nothing fun to do in Natchez, much less the entire Southwest Mississippi region.

There is no theme park, no arena, no kind of fun period. I guess some people in the religious communities have outlawed all forms of fun in the area.

Spending money to go out of town to do anything does not and will not benefit us here in Southwest Mississippi period.

I demand all those elected, employed and appointed in Southwest Mississippi to get off their lazy butts and do something now.

Kenny L. Cobb Jr.

Crosby resident