The Dart: Couple enjoys riding motorcycles together

Published 12:00 am Monday, February 21, 2011

VIDALIA — For some, nothing is more calming than a nice drive in a car with the windows down and music playing.

Others, like Rickey and Debby Wright, prefer a little more than the windows down when it comes to driving.

When they feel the desire to get out on the open road, two wheels is all they need.

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And when The Dart landed on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Vidalia, the Wrights were enjoying the warm weather while getting prepared for their next road trip together.

“We have had some really nice rides on that bike,” Debby said. “This is what we do for our quality time together.”

The bike Debby was referring too was a Honda Goldwing, a motorcycle so nice it has the nickname “the Cadillac of motorcycles.”

“We went through three bikes before we finally got this one,” Rickey said. “My friend had a Goldwing, and we traded bikes one day. I liked it so much I had to have one.”

Rickey said he got the bike in 2008, and ever since then he and Debby have enjoyed numerous road trips all over the country.

Trips to Alabama, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri have all been made, leaving a memory for each of the 14,821 miles on the bike, Debby said.

“We just love to get on and ride,” she said. “There is nothing but a good time to be had.”

Rickey and Debby have also made numerous additions to the Goldwing since they bought it to make their rides even more enjoyable.

A back rest for the driver, arm rests for the passenger, a heel and toe shifter, a spoiler and a plethora of lights and chrome were all additions and all make the bike stand out as a picture of two-wheeled driving superiority.

“This thing is just like riding in a car,” Rickey said. “Anything you can do in a car, you can do on the bike.”

Rickey wasn’t kidding as the bike also came with two helmets that contain microphones and ear buds that allow the riders to talk and listen to music while riding.

“This is the last bike we will ever own,” he said. “When I get to where I am too old to pick it up, I may have to ‘trike’ it out. We love this one too much.”

With all the extras, the Wrights said nothing beats the thrill of getting out on the open highway and just driving.

“The weather is almost right to get out and start another year of riding,” Rickey said. “It’s not going to be too hot or too cold. The spring is always the best.”

Rickey said there is a bike rally in Tupelo soon where thousands of bikers will attend, including the Wrights.

“After that we really want to get back in to Arkansas around the mountains,” Debby said. “We really enjoy it up there.”