City of Natchez isn’t looking good

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First off, I love the newspaper, and I believe the whole staff from the writers to the advertising staff to the carriers do a great job delivering information to the readers!

But I do have an issue to express. I have lived in Natchez since I was a little girl and have loved and been proud of its beauty and history.

So this weekend when I was hosting friends and family for Easter, I was really embarrassed to see that the city had let itself go.

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The grass grooming in the city and in our so called “historical” areas looks horrible — weeds, trash, dead flowers, grass knee high. The first thing my out-of-town guests said as we drove into town was how bad the grass looked. I asked around, and I found out that MDOT has been over the maintenance and the landscaping.

Obviously, they are not doing a good job, because everywhere we went this weekend citizens of Natchez were saying the same things.

I am a 30-year subscriber to The Natchez Democrat, and I have never written in or stopped anyone on the streets to express my opinion, but the beauty of our town is one of the many things we are known for, and if that can’t be taken care of, I feel like we will slowly lose our charm.

Please take this into consideration when writing the next few columns.

Inez Earls

Natchez resident