Noon update: Crest lowered again

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, May 19, 2011

NATCHEZ — The National Weather service has lowered the predicted crest at Natchez just slightly. The new crest prediction is 62.1 on Saturday. It was previously 62.5.

The Mississippi River sits at 61.9 feet at Natchez now.

USDA officials were in Vidalia this morning to meet with area farmers who may be experiencing crop damage due to flooding. Officials encouraged farmers to talk with their local Farm Service Agent or crop insurance provider for further information on assistance.

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Crops damaged by seepage water are covered by crop insurance, they said.

On the Vidalia Riverfront, some seepage water continues to find its way under the Hesco sand barriers, but pumps are able keep up with the situation.

In Natchez, parking on Silver Street has temporarily been stopped while heavy equipment is moved in to remove the top layer of Hesco Bastion barriers. Officials decided Wednesday that a lower crest prediction and erosion worsened by the weight of the baskets warranted their removal.