Listen to the law, get off levees

Published 12:08 am Friday, June 10, 2011

The Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office — and several other agencies — made it clear from day one of flood mania 2011 that you’d better stay off the levees.

Sheriff Randy Maxwell threatened arrest multiple times in front of the public, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and levee board spokesmen explained the danger a person with ill will or a vehicle of any kind could cause to the levees.

Thankfully, when the water was at its highest point, the community followed the rules and stayed off the levees.

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But it’s always when the immediate danger fades a bit and regular life sets back in that trouble begins.

The CPSO issued seven citations Wednesday to area men who were caught riding ATVs on the levee.

We are glad the CPSO acted quickly and shared their actions with the public just as fast.

Now is not the time to disobey the rules. The Mississippi River is still nearly seven feet above flood stage. Portions of the levee are likely soaked and could be unsafe.

Those who ignore the regulations put in place by the authorities are putting their own safety in jeopardy. But, perhaps more shocking, they are endangering the lives and property of an entire community.

The flood isn’t over yet and the rules still apply. Follow them, regardless of what you may think needs to be done.

Thanks again to the CPSO and other local agencies for working so hard during the last two months to keep the community safe.