Natchez Trails cleanup in works

Published 12:03 am Monday, October 10, 2011

ERIC SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Madison Warren, from left, Kimberly Warren and Debra Probst sit near litter on the steps near the Natchez Trails Friday afternoon.

NATCHEZ — The Natchez Community Alliance has a Natchez Trails cleanup project in the works that will give local schools and organizations the opportunity to squash littering and help keep the trails beautiful.

John Holyoak, Community Alliance chairman, said the project will allow schools the opportunity to adopt a portion of the trails to keep clean.

ERIC SHELTON | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Kedra Chatman walks past litter on the Natchez Trails Friday afternoon.

“Anytime kids can contribute to the community and be a part of the community, I think that speaks for itself,” he said. “It helps build self-reliance and community involvement at an early age.”

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Holyoak said the idea for the project recently came to him after he was walking on the lower section of the trails.

“I noticed a little more litter than I would like to see,” he said.

Holyoak said he believes residents should take pride in the trails and help keep them clean. He said asking the city to do all the work would be placing an undue burden on officials and staff.

“We can all contribute to these trail systems,” Holyoak said. “This is a gift to us and I think we should do a good job taking care of it and appreciate what we have.”

Natchez-Adams County School Board President Wayne Barnett said he thinks getting the schools involved with the cleanup project is an excellent idea. He said the project would give athletic teams and school clubs the opportunity to build teamwork and community involvement together.

“We, as a community, should encourage the opportunity to give students a chance to give back to the community,” Barnett said.

Natchez City Engineer and Community Alliance member David Gardner said organizations around town have also expressed interest in participating in a cleanup project, and the alliance will be discussing ways to implement the project at its Oct. 27 meeting.

“Adopting a section is a great way for the community to take care of a project they have already bought into,” Gardner said.

Holyoak said keeping the trails clean will give the town a sense of civic pride.

“The kids, schools and people will take pride in this unique gift we have been given,” he said.