Watts is most qualified for the job

Published 1:23 am Friday, November 4, 2011

I don’t believe I’ve ever taken the time or effort to write a response to an opinion column with a letter to the editor.

But after reading Kevin Cooper’s Sunday column concerning Henry Watts’ character and campaign, I feel forced to take action.

However, I will not get into a battle of words with you, for I am sure I would be no match for you or the newspaper.

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Supervisor Watts is by far the most qualified and experienced candidate for the job of supervisor of District 2.

I will attest and vouch for his honesty, integrity, moral character and work ethic. But being a “good guy” does not necessarily make a good leader.

One of his characteristics that makes him a good leader and a dependable public official is his ability to make wise decisions basing them on his vast business experience.

Another trait that I admire is that he does not “straddle the fence.” In other words, he does not tell one person one thing and turn around and change his stance just to please the one with whom he is speaking.

He definitely cannot be manipulated, and this causes him to have some detractors. You see, Henry Watts stays within the guidelines of the law.

He also understands that less government is better, that the government can’t solve our problems.

Supervisor Watts has the ability and nerve to stand up and speak for the taxpayer.

He will always vote in favor of lowering taxes and always is against spending money we do not have.

I am convinced that Watts is the taxpayer’s watchdog, the bulldog, that will represent us in a manner in which we will be proud.

When he is elected, we will be in capable hands. I for one believe in Henry Watts.

Danny F. Yates

Natchez resident