All I want for Christmas

Published 12:12 am Sunday, December 11, 2011

Journey Bridges ponders what she wants for Christmas.

NATCHEZ — Christmas is for children, and Miss-Lou kindergarteners know it.

As 5- and-6-year-olds across the community prepare their lists for Santa, a few stopped to explain their requests for the big guy.

Wendi Hamilton, 5, a student at West Primary School in Natchez, said her top two expectations from Santa include a baby doll and an iPad.

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“I want a stroller for the baby doll too,” Hamilton said. “I like baby dolls and I like holding the baby. And I like iPads. I always play with everyone else’s iPads. Santa said he will buy one.”

West Primary student Kailisa White, 5, said she also asked Santa for an iPad. But her electronic wish list doesn’t stop there.

“I also want a Nintendo DS,” White said. “And a pink van, a baby stroller and different colored markers.”

White said Santa asked her if she had been good this year.

“I said, ‘Yep,’” White said.

Jahvhari Doss, 6, also a West Primary student, is sticking with classic toys.

“I asked for a Batman toy and a Spiderman toy,” Doss said. “I love them. (Santa) said he will give them to me.”

At Vidalia Lower Elementary School, Emma Windham, 5, said Santa himself made an appearance at her pre-K class last year. Windham has already had an appointment with Santa this year to inform him of her needs.

“I asked for a Barbie doll — a princess one,” Windham said. “And a Barbie doll house for the Barbie to live in. I will name her Coosie Lou.”

Windham said she will also need a puppy to teach Coosie Lou a little responsibility.

“She will need a puppy to take care of,” Windham said. “I would name the dog Puppy Face. Santa said OK.”

Vidalia Lower student Sarah Freeman, 6, said when she has her moment with Santa, she will ask for a fashionista Barbie doll.

“And I want a big doll house and a baby doll,” Freeman said. “I would name the Barbie Emily, and name the baby doll Sydney because that’s my cousin’s name.”

Freeman’s list does not end there.

“I also want a Justin Bieber Barbie doll,” Freeman said. “Everyone else got a Justin Bieber poster but me.”

Vidalia student Lawson Reyes, 5, said he is going to ask for a four-wheeler.

“I can ride it by myself,” he said.

Also at Vidalia, Jenna Birley, 5, said she will ask for a Nintendo DS, a girl Barbie doll she will name Grace and a play horsey.

Kabari Davis, 5, said he wants a basketball and a bike.

“A red bike,” Davis said. “I can ride on two wheels. And I want a train. An orange train.”

Kindergarteners at Holy Family Early Learning Center have also been thinking about what might be under the tree Christmas morning.

Krystiel Jones, 5, said she wants a toy guitar.

“Because I want to see how to play it,” Jones said. “I also need a microphone and a Barbie doll.”

Journey Bridges, 6, said she knows exactly what she will ask Santa for when they meet for their annual appointment.

“I want a tea set,” Bridges said. “I like tea. I want a guitar because I like to play. And I want a sleeping back because I like to sleep. I also want a Barbie coloring book.”

Ariel Anderson, 5, said she too will ask for a guitar.

“I want a bike without training wheels too,” Anderson said. “And I need three phones for me, my sister and my brother. I also need an iPad.”