Convention Center repairs under way

Published 12:06 am Friday, January 6, 2012

ERIC SHELTON/THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — MBD Maintenance is working on the reconstruction of the Vidalia Conventions Center’s roof this week on the Riverfront. The roof had leaks in need of repair.

VIDALIA — Even though Vidalia Conference and Convention Center employees weren’t going to work with umbrellas, some leakage issues in the building’s roof are being fixed.

Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland said the repairs aren’t related to record-high floodwaters that surrounded the building in May and are design flaws that date back to the time of construction.

“Some of the glass installed was not installed properly and created some leakage issues,” Copeland said. “None of it is related to the flood.”

Copeland said Baron Construction Company, the initial contractors for the building, will be responsible for the costs to repair the flaws, which won’t have an exact cost until completion.

“We’ve had some litigation issues with them, so we hired another contractor, but they will be held responsible,” Copeland said. “We won’t know how much it’ll cost until we get it all done.”

Certain issues were addressed after the initial construction, but the leaking is one design flaw currently being fixed.

Copeland said contractors are laying bricks in the area that connect the awning to the building and installing new windows in those areas.

Conference and Convention Center Assistant Director Tim Vance said they saw minimal leaking during heavy rainstorms, but the repairs will correct the issue.

“Whatever they’re doing, it’s working,” Vance said. “It hasn’t affected our business at all.”

Construction will continue for a couple of weeks, Copeland said.