The Dart: Heat doesn’t stop boys

Published 12:04 am Monday, July 2, 2012

LAUREN WOOD | THE NATCHEZ DEMOCRAT — Cousins Charzell, left, and Christian Woodfork, both 7, often ride around their toy 4-wheelers and tricycles now that school is out for the summer.


The Natchez Democrat

NATCHEZ — While the scorching summer heat runs most people inside, two local 7-year-old boys are spending their summer vacation outdoors.

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Cousins Christian and Charzell Woodfork were running and racing tricycles and toy 4-wheelers outside when The Dart landed on Garden Street this week.

Christian is the son of Robert Henderson and Denise Woodfork. Charzell is the son of Charles Washington and Renee Woodfork.

The boys said they love to run outside and don’t mind the hot weather.

“I like the heat. It’s not really that hot to me,” Charzell said.

The boys took turns drinking from the water hose outside to keep cool Wednesday afternoon.

The boys’ older cousin Derrick Green, 19, said, however, the heat keeps him inside and he keeps an eye on the boys from the door.

Christian said he and Charzell like to play basketball, football, ride tricycles and play baseball.

The boys know the rules when playing outside and said they get to the sidewalk or in the yard when a car is coming down the street.

The boys may have outgrown the tricycles, but they said they didn’t mind; they just love to play.

“I ride my bike like a leprechaun,” Charzell said.

The boys said they were excited to be out of school and spent the afternoon joking and laughing together.

Christian and Charzell said they play together all the time and love spending time with each other. The boys are two peas in a pod and even finished each other’s sentences.

Although the boys are enjoying summer, they said they were eager for school to start.

Christian will be in the second grade at Frazier Elementary and Charzell in the first at West Elementary.