Campaign signs are litter; pick it up

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Traditionally, we’ve used this space after an election to offer a friendly reminder to all local political candidates and their teams to kindly clean up their campaign signs around town.

However, we usually offer that request up on the day or two after the election — not more than a month later.

The Natchez mayor made his own request this week, asking all those who ran for office to be sure their signs are picked up and stored.

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It’s not too much to ask, really.

Campaign signs, no matter how colorful or well-designed they are, are litter on a stick once the election is over. Except, if you are the candidate, this litter has your name on it.

If you cared enough for our community to seek public office, please care enough about it to pick up your mess.

Summer heat will abate soon enough and fall tourist season will pick up. We want our city to be sparkling for our guests, and now is the time to remove the litter.

Voters, if you see a campaign sign in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to notify the candidate and ask them to de-clutter your community.

Our city is too special to be littered with signs of an election gone-by.