Carter, supervisors on the right track

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I read Top of the Morning article by David Carter, our District 2 supervisor, in reference to a program to start recreation in Natchez and Adams County.

David referred to the first step as hiring a recreation director. I totally agree.

Further, the director would be in charge of the recreation in place at present, the upgrading of present recreation and charged with the responsibility to organize and put in place a recreation program that would benefit not only the young people but the middle-age and senior citizens.

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Again I agree, and by a prior vote of the citizens believe that 75 percent agree.

This is a joint city/county program with both sharing the expenses David, and I believe our supervisors, want to get started right away and have agreed to finance their part for recreation the remaining part of the year.

Well, I read in The Democrat that the city has postponed action during a regular meeting concerning recreation.

Our recreation program has been postponed some 20 years. Vidalia has made our city look sick as far recreation.

What is it going to take to get our officials to move forward with a recreation program in a timely manner as a large majority of our citizens have requested?

I believe Supervisor Carter is on the right track.


Jerry McDaniel

Adams County resident