Answer to the $16 trillion question?

Published 12:06 am Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s amazing that anyone with a grain of historical sense knows that utopian socialist policies are naturally toxic with their monster debt, high taxes and soaring joblessness.

Decade after decade we see nations drinking that Kool-Aid as if they can alter the basic laws of economics or human nature.

Arrogant, slick apostles of utopian socialism seem to pop up in nation after nation, leaving decay in their wake.

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Now America has an arrogant apostle thanks to unchallenged bold lies and the biased national media.

It’s year five of bold lies, promises, smears and demons with economic pain for tens of millions.

If we had anything close to real journalism pursuing truth by challenging leaders, they would have hammered President Obama by now.  However, Obama has been given dozens of passes only because he is a charming, minority Democrat. History has shown all thinkers, that the Democrats have two fatal flaws — they cannot manage a hot dog stand with their socialist economic ways, and they are so often naive pandering cupcakes on foreign policy.

It is March 2013, and polls are indicating “patience with socialism declining” … voters are tired of the bold lies, promises and blame shifting (also called “The Fidel Strategy”).

The only thing that can save the legacy of this arrogant Alinsky socialist is (ironically) … caving to (his demon straw man) Republicans by returning to fiscal sanity.

Isn’t it always that way? It sure has been in state after state. Nationally, it was after Carter; then it was Clinton with Republican Newt (Gingrich) who led four balanced budgets. What can the national media and Democrats learn in 2013?

Can they finally learn vote-buying utopian socialism rots any nation? That is the $16 trillion question.


Doug Schexnayder